Just over six years ago, Prince William and Duchess Kate got married. Now, thanks to a charity auction, you can buy a piece of their original wedding cake! The piece of fruitcake will go on auction at the Chiswick Auction House on September 27, 2017.

The cake was eight tiers, and designed by chef Fiona Cairns. It took five weeks to build and complete the cake, which was on display at the wedding at Buckingham Palace in April, 2011.

The winner of the cake will receive the slice in an extravagant gold-colored tin, the same one that was given to guests with their cake at the actual wedding. The wedding cake was meant to embody the “language of flowers,” a request of Kate. It had 17 different types of foliage that all meant something unique. It was coated in cream icing and adorned with 900 sugar flowers.

The price will start at $1,300. In 2008, a piece of cake from Princess Diana’s wedding went for $6,000. We can’t wait to see how much cash a loyal fan will drop to have a bite of that cake!

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