In a world where relationships come and go, there are still people holding on to love like you’re supposed to do in a relationship. Ollie and Donald King are a couple who have been holding on for 68 years. That’s about 10 long relationships and 17 short ones in  today’s world.

For this very special occasion on their anniversary, their granddaughter asked photographer Paige Franklin to do a photo shoot of the couple. Ashley Owen is so obsessed with her grandparents’ love story, she wanted to capture it forever even if it’s not the kind of thing they like to do.

“I’m obsessed with them and I think they’re super adorable, even though I’m biased. I really did it just for myself because I’m obsessed with them and I thought it would be great,” said Owen.

They did the photo shoot on their farm in Crab Orchard, Kentucky where they have lived all their lives. Paige met the couple and was absolutely overwhelmed.

“He kept telling me how much he loved her and how God blessed them with 68 years. He told me in all their 68 years together they’ve never spent one full day or night apart. That was so touching to me. I kept thinking, ‘That is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard,’” Paige recalls.

It’s A Bonafide Love Story

Donald King is 87 and has been a pastor for 47 years. Ashley says, “God has always been their number one goal and focus in everything. It’s important to him that they be humble and be good people and take care of each other.”

Ollie King is 83 and has been a quilt maker for 30 years.

“She made her first quilt when she was 50. I think it was the one we used in the pictures. She used to sell them and she kept this one so it means something to her,” Owen said.

To Have A Love Story Like Theirs Is A Dream

Paige took one look at the farm and knew it was the best place for the photo shoot. “I thought, ‘Why go anywhere else? I’ll just go there. It’s more personal.’ They’re so playful and happy and silly with each other. I want to adopt them as my grandparents.”

It’s awesome that a couple can stay together that long. It’s also awesome that someone took notice. It’s a great love story and the world needs more like it.

The Love Story Of Ollie and Donald King

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