What good is giving your child a phone if you can’t check on them? Sometimes teens aren’t as quick to respond when Mom or Dad is on the other side of that text, but one dad found a solution.

Nick Herbert was tired of his son ignoring his texts and so he got proactive by creating an app. ReplyASAP is a smartphone app that locks a child’s phone until they reply to their parents and, even better, there’s an alarm that sounds before taking over the phone screen. Yes, your call-screening and possibly aggravated teen is going to be forced to answer you if they would like to regain access to their phone.

“I hope that it helps improve communication between parents and children and anyone else who uses it, and makes people feel more comfortable that they have this messaging service,” said Herbert.

Herbert initially got his son a phone in hopes of having better communication after he started at school. Unfortunately for Herbert, it didn’t as his son would silence the phone and continue on playing video games.

As children grow to teens, parents progressively lose the ability to control them and as a result, concern over their whereabouts and recreational involvement grows. While the app doesn’t guarantee an instant reply, it can provide peace of mind knowing that your child will be forced to reply before continuing on with their regular cell phone usage— until they get resourceful and figure out a way around it.

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