Children who are born prematurely have to go through a lot during the first few weeks of their lives. Not only do they have to be monitored for their health 24/7, but often times it is difficult to find the right diapers to fit a newborn who is smaller than normal.

But thanks to the diaper experts at Pampers, these early arrivers will be able to rest easier thanks to a newly developed “flat diaper” that’s intended to fit even the tiniest of babies in snug fashion.

Since some prematurely born babies struggle to wear even the smallest standard diapers, the new flat models allow more skin exposure while in the neonatal intensive care unit, which is where these children are looked after by doctors until they’re deemed healthy enough to go home. Often times while in these care units, babies are wearing nothing at all.

While laying flat underneath the baby’s behind, these special Pampers will also be free of fragrance, elastic, or any sort of tape so that the child’s skin remains as untouched as can be. The quality also features premium soft materials, along with absorption technology to help the baby stay as relaxed as possible.

In partnership with the March of Dimes for Prematurity Awareness Month, Pampers will be giving every hospital in the United States with a NICU a box of the new flat diapers in order to help “the littlest fighters” develop quickly and comfortably.

“The Pampers NICU Flat Diaper is filling an unmet need in the clinical space that can allow for greater access to treatments for baby, protection of delicate skin, and minimal disturbances to baby in those critical first 72 hours of life,” they said in their official press release.

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