This past Saturday saw Pippa Middleton’s lavish nuptials take place. You’re probably unfamiliar with the first name, but the last name should be ringing some wedding bells. Princess Kate Middleton’s youngest 33-year-old sister wed skiing enthusiast James Matthews in a wedding ceremony that could only be rivaled by royalty.

24 hours after the wedding (which reportedly lasted until the early hours of Sunday morning), the newlyweds were spotted in Los Angeles International Airport bound for their exotic honeymoon destination: the Pacific Islands.


Dubbed “The Brando,” this lush paradise was once owned by famed actor Marlon Brando. So you could say that this really is the godfather of all islands. It contains 35 authentic thatched huts. Each villa has an outdoor bath, rocking chair for two, and an infinity pool – ideal for the honeymooning couple!

The island itself is incredibly self-sufficient and eco-friendly, with seawater air conditioning, solar power, and generators that run on coconut oil! On top of its luxurious lodgings, the resort also offers a two-Michelin-star restaurant called Le Grand Véfour, which also offers room service.

But this tropical island isn’t the only place the almost-royal couple will be spending their honeymoon. After they’re done soaking up some sun, the two will head back to the UK to the Scottish Highlands where James’ family owns property.

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