In an unconventional wedding choice, sources close to the prince and his fiancee shared the couple’s desire for a banana-flavored wedding cake. Not only does Harry love, “anything with banana,” but it has also played a special part in their relationship.

Back in October of 2016, Markle shared a cheeky photo to her Instagram of two cuddling bananas. The caption read, “Sleep tight xx.” While there’s nothing out of the ordinary about the photo itself, it was the combination of the photo plus the timing of it that hinted at something more. Markle shared it only a few hours after their relationship was officially confirmed.

At the time, the image sparked a huge interest in the pair’s love life. Now, over a year later, the decision to include banana in their wedding cake just confirms the significance of the fruit. Not surprisingly, they will be the first royals to have a banana-flavored wedding cake.

Harry may have gotten the idea to go with a non-traditional cake from his older brother, Prince William, whose groom’s cake was made out of chocolate biscuits (cookies.) With their wedding rapidly approaching, it looks like they’ve wasted no time in jumping in on the planning and confirming every little detail to ensure the perfect royal wedding.

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