It’s confirmed that Princess Kate is pregnant again. This will be child number three after Prince George and Princess Charlotte. But people think she actually gave the news up a long time ago.

Normally, a pregnant lady will give up the fact that she’s pregnant by holding her stomach constantly or wearing more comfortable shoes and less restraining dresses. If she normally drinks and turns down alcohol, that might be another indication that she’s pregnant. But Princess Kate didn’t do either of those things when she gave up her secret.

The Royal Couple Visiting Poland

Princess Kate

It all began when the royal couple were touring Poland and Germany back in July. It was a nice moment the prince and princess were having when a person who wanted to wish her well walked up to her and handed her a gift. Normally, that wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary. But this gift was special.

It was a gift for a newborn. It appears there are people who wanted Princess Kate to get pregnant again. Otherwise, why would she need a gift for a newborn?

Princess Kate Pregnant Again

princess kate

Taking it in stride, she accepted the gift. Then she looked at her husband and said, “We will just have to have more babies!” That’s the moment people say she gave up her secret before they were able to make their official announcement to the world.

At the time, it may not have revealed much. But looking back on it now, that was her way of saying there would be more on the way and that there already was one. They aren’t wasting any time at all.

How many children will she have before she’s finally done? Who knows? We’ll just take it one baby at a time and watch this family grow!

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