It’s the age-old fairytale in reverse. Instead of becoming royalty like Kate Middleton, Princess Mako will be giving up her royalty status for love. This guy better be worth it!

Princess Mako met Kei Komuro at the university they attended. They were in an event together and laid eyes on each other in a restaurant. They started dating as only a princess and a commoner can. They saw each other several times a month.

But then, they made it official. They got engaged. They are set to marry sometime next year. That’s when life will completely change for Princess Mako.

A Simple Law That Makes No Sense

Princess Mako

As the granddaughter of Emperor Akihito, 25-year-old Princess Mako will give up her tiara and live the life of a commoner. But don’t be too worried for her. Kei Komuro works at a law firm. They won’t be that poor. Plus, she’ll be able to wear shorts, dance at a bar, and burp the alphabet. So, she might be onto something.

What will be the difference in her life? Will they still attend family functions? Will she ever see her family again? It’s not quite like that. The family seems to be taking it in stride.

Her parents have already met the fiancé and the emperor is aware of the relationship. It’s not as if it really matters, she really didn’t have a chance of gaining claim to the Chrysanthemum Throne. Only males in Japan really have the chance of ascending to the seat.

There’s An Interesting Wrinkle To The Law

Princess Mako

Actually, a male royal can marry a commoner and keep his royal status. But a female in the royal family cannot. The decision of Princess Mako is bringing the debate back into focus whether or not the law needs changed.

But it’s not the first time a female has given up her royal status for love. Mako’s aunt also gave up her tiara. Sayako was the only daughter of the emperor and she left the royal fame behind when she married Yoshiki Kuroda, the town planner.

Princess Mako’s Engagement Breaks On The News

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