Feel bad about treating yourself to that new little black dress from Sophie and Trey? Don’t! Shopping, as long as it’s in moderation, can do wonders for your mental health, especially during times of stress.

Getting Ready For New Experiences

Visualizing how you will use, cook with, wear, or carry a new purchased item is the same thing as visualizing a part of your new life. A new you. Even athletes visualize results, in order to boost their performance and stay motivated. Shopping helps you prepare mentally for life events that you are experiencing, such as getting married or having a baby. You buy things the baby will need, stuff for the nursery, but you’re also buying to prepare yourself for your new title: a mother.

Putting A Smile On Your Face

A study published in the Journal of Psychology and Marketing states that, “retail therapy has lasting positive impacts on mood.” This means that going shopping every now and then not only boosts your mood in the moment, as a temporary high, it also has long-term effects of increasing your mood. Shoppers are known for visualizing their new purchase being used, which helps them create a positive self-image and a reason to love themselves.

Getting Your Control Back

Retail therapy is also a great exercise for those who need to be in control. You control where you go and what you buy, so at a time when you feel like you’re losing all control over other circumstances in your life, choosing your purchases, and just choosing to purchase in general, are ways to gain some control.

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