It’s sad to say that this country is still sexist in many ways. But at least some people are trying to do the right thing and turn it around. The male students are actually doing something about it at San Benito High School in Hollister, California.

There is an old dress code that has been on the books for years at San Benito High. But it has never been enforced. Girls aren’t allowed to show their shoulders. They can’t wear the shoulder-less shirts that put their shoulders out there to distract everyone.

The Major Distraction Of The Shoulder

dress code

It’s a shoulder! Relax, people! The thing is that the school has been allowing it for the longest time. Now, they’ve decided to crack down on it. Girls can no longer wear the shirts because it’s too distracting for other students.

What mixed signal is all this sending? This is the center of the sexist train of thought that fuels rape culture. Boys aren’t responsible for paying attention. If anything distracts them, it has to be removed. It is not their fault if they can’t control their actions. And that’s where those kinds of thoughts get more and more dangerous.

So, some male students of San Benito High School decided to go to school in shoulder-less shirts. Because it doesn’t seem that the boys have much of a dress code when it comes to how much skin they can show. That’s only for the girls.

What Did You Learn In School?

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When is this type of backward thinking going to stop? When are school dress codes going to stop being so petty and quit thinking of girls as a distraction? If someone is distracted, that’s their fault. They need to tighten up.

It’s their job to pay attention in school, or what’s going to be next? Do you block the windows so that they can’t see outside? Do you remove hot female teachers? Do you take sports away from students because it provides a distraction when they get pulled from class by coaches?

Is it okay for girls to miss their finals because what they were wearing was too much of a distraction for boys to concentrate on their finals?

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