Being a high school teenager is hard enough when you’re young and you have your whole life ahead of you. What makes it harder is when you miss out on things like the prom. It’s not necessary to go to the prom to have a great life. But it is a milestone that should be experienced.

One girl almost missed out on it. “Why?” is the mystery question. Priscilla Samey is a bright and beautiful young lady. Any boy her age would be proud to escort her to the prom. But there were no takers. What in the world is wrong with all the boys at her school?

Are they intimated by the fact that Priscilla was accepted by seven Ivy League schools including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Penn and Cornell? That’s right. She is so bright with such an awesome future ahead of her that the best schools in the world want her to attend.

Who Wouldn’t Ask Her To The Prom?

That could be it! Actually, that probably is it because boys also have a tough time in school. Even the ones who seem like they have their act together and are going places themselves. They fear rejection too and Priscilla is so impressive, she just might be a little intimidating for them.

Her Whole Story Is Phenomenal

But that’s not her whole story. Priscilla is an immigrant from West Africa. She came to America with her parents speaking only one language. She’s learned English since then and quite a few other things. In fact, she not only learned, but as evidence would have it, she excelled.

What Does A Girl Like Her Have To Do?

So, what did she do for prom? She took her Harvard acceptance letter. She says it was a good date. Her Harvard acceptance letter was low maintenance. In fact, it even opted to stay in the car most of the evening for fear of getting in the way of her having a real good time.

She actually had several dates she could have taken. Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Penn and Cornell were perfectly good choices. But who says no to Harvard?