How far would you go to have a baby? It’s an intriguing question, one that brings up all kinds of “What Ifs?” What if the life of the child was in danger? What is the child would be born severely deformed, or suffering from some debilitating genetic disease? What if you couldn’t conceive? Would you spend all the money in your savings – and then some – on the off chance that you could possibly get pregnant?

Little People Just Want To Lead Normal Lives – To Get Married

And what if the tables were turned? What if YOU were the one in danger? Would you continue to try and get pregnant knowing that the delivery could kill you? Would any of these options matter, or is the notion of procreation so sacred that nothing blocks it from your otherwise common sense considerations?

To Have Kids

Well, for the world’s smallest mom, all of these were considerations – and then some. Stacey Herald lives in Kentucky, and at a mere two foot, four inches tall she is on record as one of the tiniest people ever to get pregnant and have a child.

And To Raise Them The Best Way They Can

Actually, Stacey and her husband Will (who is five foot nine by the way) have three kids, and each time out the doctors have warned her of two things – one, the chance of passing down her rare congenital condition (Osteogenesis Imperfecta) to the baby, and two, that her brittle bones and undersized lungs could not handle the birthing process. While she and her hubby listened to the doctors, they also believe that God has a plan for us all, and in their case, it was to have kids.

Stacey Struggled To Get Pregnant


And Despite The Odds, She’s Become A Mom


So What Happened? Did The Baby Come Out OK? Continue On To See For Yourself