It’s far from fair that plus-sized women or just curvier women in general have to feel left out of all the “cute” bathing suits produced by companies like Victoria’s Secret and J.Crew. Come on, Victoria’s Secret doesn’t even offer an extra large option at checkout. There are such limited choices for heavier women out there, and it’s about time that changed.

On May 7th, Sports Illustrated showcased their new line of swimwear at Swim Miami 2017. The company collaborated with RAJ Swim and wanted to cater to the body types of all women. Some of us are bikini ready, and some of us are just winter ready. Should it matter? Why can’t we look beautiful no matter what?

A woman’s body, like her self-esteem and self image, ebbs and flows in phases. Sometimes we try the Whole30 diet and look fabulous for a few months, and sometimes we binge on cheese fries after the nightclub and don’t want to be seen naked. It’s all about balance. But we should be able to wear a sexy swimsuit whenever we want, regardless of the “phase” of our bodies at the time.

A big thanks to Sports Illustrated for taking strides in the right direction. We think these plus-sized models look absolutely stunning. Not to mention, they were undiscovered and up-and-coming models. This entire collection showcase was about one thing; bringing new to the table. New concepts of beauty and new faces. They sure make curvy look good.

So far, the line has been a huge success. People lost their minds when the girls stepped out. They were in awe.

“I think they were shocked because you don’t typically see that at fashion week….especially at swim fashion week,” said MJ Day, the editor of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit. “Some people in the audience were moved to tears because they saw themselves represented on the runway, which they never thought they would.”

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