It’s hard to believe that Stevie Nicks is turning 69. Of course, she has been a legend in the music industry for a long time. But she looks and sounds as great today as she ever did. It’s hard to believe she’s aged one bit.

The thing about Stevie Nicks was that she always felt she had to stand out in the crowd. Little did she know that her beauty was radiant and no one could miss that. Then, her voice rang over the audience and mesmerized everyone. She was hard to miss.

But she still felt as if she had to distinguish herself. “The reason I wear the ponchos and the big shawl-y chiffon things is because I realized from a very young age, if you were five-foot-one, and you wanted to make big moves and be seen from a long way away, if you weren’t twirling a baton of fire, you needed something that was gonna make you show up. Like a Las Vegas showgirl, really. You need big moves. If you’re gonna dance, you gotta really dance.”

And dance she did. Her outfits are legendary and here are the best ones she’s worn throughout the years that show just what she meant by “being seen from a long way away.”

This Outfit Got The Name Of Bat Wing


A top hat with see-through wings was something only she could pull off. She made it look so graceful when she was on the stage dancing around in circles. It looked like she could literally fly.

In Big Shoulders And Large Jewelry

with big shoulders

She definitely had her own style. There was a bit of goth in almost everything she wore. But this is more like a queen’s outfit from ancient days.

A Powerful Image Of Her

golden ensemble

Doesn’t it take you back to when David Bowie played in Labyrinth? Well, the hair does. The outfit says she’s about ready to summon the angels to sing with her.

Here’s One Of Her Many Shawls

in a shaw

With her hat in her hand, she belts out her song to the crowd. She definitely didn’t need the clothing to make her stand out. But that was part of who she was.

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