When it comes to disciplining your kids, you may feel stuck between a rock and a hard place sometimes.

You may have been raised to not question anything your parents said, because, well, they were your parents.

Or, you may have grown up in a house that was a little more liberal with the child-rearing and your parents really allowed you to make choices when it came to if you wanted a nap or not, or if you wanted to eat what was prepared for dinner.

Either way, here you are and you turned out great!


But now you have your own children and through the information age, you’ve learned that everyone has “the best” methods on how you should raise your little ones, especially when it involves discipline.

It can be frustrating, confusing, and downright depressing at times because it feels like you will never win.

Don’t throw in the towel just yet, though.


Regardless of their particular field of targeted study, several psychologists are agreeing on one thing: constantly telling your small child, “no” is doing more harm than good.

Have you ever realized that somewhere between 18-24 months your sweet little girl or boy starts answering “no” to everything, even when “no” isn’t even a valid answer to the question they’re being asked?

“Sweetie, do you like ice cream?”


When you know they love chocolate ice cream more than life itself.

The reason for this is simple.


They hear it from you – sometimes a lot more than they should. It’s okay. There are solutions that can help guide you in the right direction so your child doesn’t learn to come from a place of no as they navigate through their life¬†journey, while you can still rule your household, maybe even a little more effectively.

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