When she takes the stage, Celine Dion absolutely mesmerizes audiences. She has fans who literally flip out if they even get close to her. Let alone if they get to pose and take a picture with their favorite superstar.

That’s how loyal her fan base is. So, imagine what it was like for her to walk on stage at the Billboard Awards. She brought the house down. But that was just when she came on stage. The audience had no idea what they were in store for until the notes began to play.

“My Heart Will Go On” hit number one on the charts back in 1998. That was nearly 20 years ago. Some people might be scratching their heads doubting that the movie Titanic had actually come out that long ago. You can put that doubt to rest. Because it is indeed a fact the movie is that old.

When Celine Dion opened up her mouth and belted out that song again, everyone was reminded of the first time they heard it and the reason they loved it. Some people even had flashbacks to what they were doing back then other than watching a movie with a young Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Doing Selfies Backstage With Other Stars

Even stars themselves were going crazy over Celine backstage before she was due to go on. Vanessa Hudgens totally freaked when she got to take a selfie with her hero. That’s the kind of love Celine demands without effort.

To add to the emotional value of the moment, it’s hard to forget that it was just a year ago that Celine lost her husband after 22 years of marriage. As if losing René Angélil wasn’t enough for her to deal with, her brother, Daniel, died two days later. Celine had a lot to process.

Looking Gorgeous In Her White Dress

So when Celine Dion took the stage, the emotions were running rampant. She came on stage looking like an angel in her white dress. She always looks amazing. And her voice never fails. She belted it like she did way back when.

Of course, there was more going on at the Billboard Awards than just Celine’s performance. But the way everyone got lost in that moment, you would have thought that was the whole show. If you missed it, check it out now!

Get Ready To Be Transformed

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