When Swiss photographer Vinicius Terranova laid eyes on Lara and Mara Bawar, he knew she had to ask them to do a photoshoot. They are being called the Albino Twins from Brazil, and they are absolutely amazing. The 11-year-olds from São Paulo have the attention of the fashion industry and their Instagram is blowing up.

Vinicius Terranova called the photoshoot “Flores Raras,” which means rare flowers because the Albino Twins are so natural. They take to the camera like moths to a flame. The camera loves them too as you are about to see.

They Strike A Serious Pose

serious pose

I’m sure Vinicius might have prompted them a bit, but they have natural character that comes out in their photos. It’s hard to get that without formal schooling.

They Pose So Uninhibited

smiling together

The color in this photo is perfect. They have a raw beauty that demands attention and the lighting adds a nice contrast. That’s what a photographer is supposed to do, but the Albino Twins make it easy.

This Is Uniquely Artistic

hair together

There is no end and no beginning. Their hair is woven together in a breathtaking shot. You have to love when art gets really creative.

Obviously Having Fun

she laughs

Being discovered out of nowhere would have to be the surprise of their lives, but they are having fun doing it, too. Can’t ask for anything better than that.

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