As high school dramas unfold, normally the quarterback of the team takes the queen to the prom. They do the dance and they drink the spiked bowl of punch. For a lot of people, it’s the biggest night of their lives.

You know that when you hear them still talking about it 20 years later. But Ben Moser has a great story to tell that actually deserves to be told 20 years from now. He’s the quarterback for Susquehanna Township High School.

Who did he take to the prom? A friend he’s had since elementary school. He took Mary, a girl who has Down syndrome that Ben looked out for when they went to school together way back then. She moved when she was in the sixth grade to Central Dauphin school district where her father took a job as a math teacher.

Ben And Mary Posing Before Prom

Ben with the great quotes had this to say: “There’s nothing wrong with going to the prom with somebody that’s not like everybody else. You should just be who you are and do what’s right and keep your word, just be you.”

Ben had made the promise years ago. He told his mom about what he wanted to do and she remembers responding, “That would be one of the proudest things you could ever do.”

As They Walk In The Prom

Ben recalls life back when they were in school together, “We were always hanging out on the playground together playing around. I was looking out for her, making sure she was playing with everybody.” It was back then that he promised to take Mary to the prom.

But her move made it hard for them to see each other. That is until they grew up and were both in high school. His team was playing her team and she was there as the ball-girl. That reunion reminded Ben of his promise. So he put something special together.

“We got balloons and I wrote ‘prom’ on it. I presented her with the balloons and asked her to go to prom with me.”

When Ben Asked Mary

The thing is that might have been a hard decision for many people. They would have wanted to take their girlfriends and have the time of their lives with limos, dinners, dancing, and after prom parties with the pictures to show off their most perfect night. Ben wanted those things too.

But he had made a promise and it was natural for him to fulfill his promise. As his mother recalls, “For him, it was no big deal. He was just doing what was natural and comfortable for him. It’s not just a football quarterback or a girl with Down syndrome, but a friendship that withstood the test of time.”

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