You may consider yourself an avid Disney parks fan, but I doubt you’ve been there 2,000 days in a row, much less 2,000 days total! Huntington Beach resident and former Air Force firefighter Jeff Reitz has spent a total of five and a half years visiting Disneyland in California every single day. He even got in an extra day during leap year!

Reitz was unemployed at the time of his decision to visit every day in 2011, and he decided to use his downtime well! “We used it as a positive because it forced you to get up and get out of the house every morning instead of moping around. It gave me time to exercise and get fresh air for a fresh start; it allowed me to meet other guests and cast members to work on networking and communication skills.”

Even after finding a job at the Long Beach Veterans Affairs hospital, he kept up with his daily trips. One would assume that visiting somewhere every day – even somewhere as exciting as Disneyland – would eventually become exhausting and boring, but Reitz has stated that there’s far more to the parks than some would expect.

“In the same way you could have a rough day at work and decide to go out for happy hour drinks, I found that I had everything I needed right there at the Disneyland Resort; there’s drinks and food to choose from, there’s the movie theater and other musical entertainment acts, and there’s fireworks to enjoy.”

“Disneyland is not just about the attractions and characters. Those are two main points, but there’s so much more to it to enjoy; I never find myself duplicating any of my days, so it never gets old or boring for me.”

Not every trip involves visiting the high-octane rides and attractions, as sometimes it can be just as relaxing to sit and watch the music bands and the character meet-and-greet interactions.

Though he’s unsure how much he’s spent over the last 2,000 days, Reitz estimates right around $10,000 if you’re considering things like food. But having an annual pass has its benefits, such as free parking, food and drink discounts, and special movie screenings and meet-and-greets with rare characters like the Country Bears, Robin Hood, and Prince John.

As you would imagine, 2,000 days of Disney has made him quite the pro when it comes to park travel. He has these tips to share with other fellow park-goers:

“I’d suggest visiting mid-week on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday for lighter days, especially in the off-season. Even though the park closes earlier at 8 or 9 during the off-season, they do that most of the time because there’s less people, meaning you can hit the same amount of rides or more in that time.”

He continues: “No matter when you come, bring your patience…especially with the summertime you have heat waves and temperatures flaring, which means attitudes can too, so it’s best just to stop and relax. Remember that you’re there to have fun.”

Even though he has reached his milestone, his pass is still good for this year, and he plans on continuing his park visits. He’s hoping that his frequent attendance will give him access to one off-limits location: the secret basketball court within the Matterhorn attraction which cast members are allowed to use during chilly weather.

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