So, you don’t think mermaids exist, do you? Then why is there a café where they all go to hang out and have things like waffles and ice cream? It’s a favorite food of the mermaids and you can get down with it too at the Mermaid Island Café.

The Entrance To The Mermaid Island Café

Mermaid Island Cafe

What did you think they ate, fish? Well, sometimes they do. But they like their waffles. They also like the coffee. Hence why it’s a café. It’s a tough job being a mermaid and they like to get their cup of coffee on before they stumble off into the ocean to look good on mysterious rocks.

At one time, people used to think that mermaids were fictitious. Sailors would get lost at sea for days, weeks at a time. When they were saved from the ocean, they reported seeing these beautiful creatures in all their glory. So, investigations were conducted to find these magnificent fish-humans and they were nowhere to be found. The naval investigators concluded that sea-weary sailors had only seen illusions.

So, kids had fun dreaming up what they looked like and artists loved painting their likenesses to the best of their imaginations. Then a documentary came along entitled The Little Mermaid that blew the lid off the truth.

Mermaids Chillin’ At The Mermaid Island Café

Mermaid Island Cafe

Mermaids are a group of beautiful half-human, half-fish creatures who save sailors. They’ve been known to save pirates too, but only the cool ones like Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain Morgan. They have a great designer who makes their bras and sometimes, they just use shells.

If you want to get treated like a mermaid and possibly bump into one, head to 52/519 Soi Ek Charoen Lak Hok, Amphoe Muang Pathum Thani, Pathum Thani, Thailand 12000. Don’t worry! I don’t know how to read that either. So, head to Thailand. When you get there, ask them where the Mermaid Island Café is. They’ll take care of you!

Get A Look Inside The Café

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