Back in the day, parents didn’t need such diversions. Children were to be seen, and not heard, and the manner in which that was maintained could be psychologically and physically harmful to all parties involved. As times changed, so did the needs of the family. The long car ride to grandma’s no longer rested on a friendly game of license plate bingo (ask your older relatives). Instead, an in-SUV DVD player, complete with the latest animated classic with the superstar voice cast keeps Junior and Jane quiet – at least for a while.

Kids Sure Love Their Tablets

Without Them, A Trip Can Be Unbearable

Now, thanks to Apple and its ilk, the tablet has become the electronic babysitter du jour. Mom and Dad can buy a bit of piece for the cost of an iPad and a few free apps. In fact, more kids today have access to such technology than one could imagine, and one place where this was especially beneficial was that dreaded long plane flight. Going to Europe sounded like a great idea…at the time. In mid-flight, the wee ones wailing like injured animals over the lack of “something to do” has made the handheld device a travel must.

With Them, Even A Long Drive Is Survivable

Well, it’s time to thank the terrorists for another freedom lost. With reports that the bad guys are devising ways to turn laptops and similar small computers into bombs, many major airlines and the countries they service have decided to ban them. That’s right, that expensive distraction loaded with hundreds of dollars of movies, games, and music can no longer be brought on most flights. Instead, they must be carefully checked and stowed as part of your checked baggage.

Airplane Trips Are Equally Easy With Technology

And Now The Airlines Are Taking That Away, Too

And It’s Not Only Kids That Are Being Affected