Missing brows are back again but, hold the razor because this involves zero shaving.

Brows have undergone a couple makeovers within the past 10 years. Changing trends have caused them to be shaven, bold, squiggled, braided and, now, negative spaced.

The trippy technique, like negative space nails and eyeliner, is taking over social media.

Kapasovia, the France-based Instagram makeup artist and creative mind behind the uniquely beautiful look, admits she was roused by drag beauty artist Salvi.

The eye-catching look can be acquired without the commitment of brow removal, although if you suffer from thinning or missing brows and are down to be daring, that could work also.

The brows are first glued and powdered to blend with the skin tone and then lined with a dipbrow pomade and blended out with eyeshadow.

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