The queen of England, whose full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, is quite the diva in terms of how she eats and drinks. She gives new meaning to the phrase, “Love yourself.”

For one thing, she refuses to travel without her favorite slice of cake with her. Garlic is banned from all of her meals. And the best part? She drinks four cocktails a day, and isn’t afraid to admit it.

Just before lunch, the queen sips on a gin and Dubonnet on ice, garnished with a slice of lemon. With her fish and vegetables lunch, she has a glass of her favorite German sweet wine and a piece of chocolate. She also drinks a dry gin martini after eating.

She then slows down on the alcohol and has a cup of afternoon tea.

The queen always finishes the day with a light dinner (that has a strict “no starch” rule) and a glass of champagne.

A day of drinking for the queen, who is 91 years old, puts her at around six units of alcohol a day, which technically makes her a binge drinker by government standards. She sure knows how to live out her golden years in style. And we aren’t judging.

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