Kristen Terlizzi was only 28 weeks pregnant when doctors noticed something abnormal. Everything should have gone smoothly. But that wasn’t going to happen. She had a condition called placenta accreta, a serious condition that has several very severe consequences.

Kristen went to Stanford Health Care early and they were already aware of her condition. An entire team of doctors and nurses were so attentive to her needs. The thing is that Kristen was only 33 weeks pregnant. That’s one of the ways in which placenta accreta affects pregnancies. It can cause the baby to be born prematurely.

But Leo was born safely. The problem was that he couldn’t be introduced to his mother right away. She was undergoing other issues related to her pregnancy and they were moving her from one place in the hospital to another. Seven weeks went by and Kristen still hadn’t met her son.

Kristen And Her Son Leo

The staff was worried. They weren’t looking at Kristen like she was just another number. They really cared about her well-being and the well-being of the baby. They knew the bond had to be made. Kristen and Leo had to be united.

So they pulled some strings. The union was finally achieved even though Kristen’s medical condition was getting worse. The staff knew this was a bigger matter and that Kristen actually needed to hold her baby. It would be a motivation factor and help her gain hope through her struggles.

Leo Is A Healthy, Growing Boy

This was a life changing experience for Kristen. She went from being a patient who needed help to now working at Stanford Health Care as a volunteer. New moms coming in who have questions can ask her anything. She’s not a nurse or a doctor. She’s somebody who has been through it.

She’s a true testimony to the beating heart of Stanford Health Care. In a world where doctors and nurses often come across as callous and distant, Stanford makes you feel like you’re in good hands. Kristen can vouch for that because now, she’s on the team.

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