When Ryan Dalton and his wife Raniece made the move from Brooklyn to Alabama to slow down, it was because they already had a little girl named Maya. Plus, they have another one on the way. With a growing family, it’s good to get out of the city and slow it down a bit.

So, they moved to Alabama and bought a home. It was their first home and that’s a great investment for a growing family. They’re off to a good start in life.

They also have a budding artist among them. Maya has a knack for art and you are going to see her process. Trust me when I say you are going to be impressed by the finished product.

She’s Just Getting Started


Ryan and Raniece have an interesting parenting style. They want Maya to be able to explore freely. So, this is the personification of just that very thing. They wanted Maya to paint pieces for her own room.

“Nothing To It,” Maya Said


After Ryan gave Maya some beginning instructions, he let her go. She took to it like a fish in water. The brush became an extension of her soul.

Mixing Colors Was Her Favorite Part

painted mixing colors

For an artist, it is interesting to see how the paints mix. Different colors are discovered every day. As a red gets more yellow, it becomes more orange. But there is no degree to how orange a good orange can get. Maya picked up on that quickly.

She Was Not Afraid To Use The Paint

painted getting more paint

Some artists worry about their supplies. If they run out, they run up the cost of the overall piece. But Maya didn’t feel those constraints. She was born to put paint on canvas and for her that means actually using the paint.

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