Little girls dream of Disney princess perfection. But, as we all know, the Disney fairytale is impossible to achieve and as we grow older the fantasy slowly slips away. Dreams of princesses give way to dreams about boys, shoes, and makeup.

It’s no surprise then that someone, in this case makeup artist and beauty blogger Gabi Greer, has combined the childhood love of Disney with the grownup art of makeup. Together, they equal a magical combination that will have you whipping out your makeup brushes in an attempt to recreate them no matter how skilled you are at applying makeup.

In addition to everyone’s favorite Disney movie characters, Greer has also recreated throwback Disney channel shows through her makeup looks.

While it’s apparent that this is a skill she’s acquired over years of practice, it’s still possible for the average makeup artist to achieve some of her more simplistic looks. Even if they don’t turn out quite as perfect as Greer’s, it will be a great way to reconnect with your inner child and have fun in the process.

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