Being adopted is a great day that some kids get the chance to have. The Clarks are the kind of family that made it happen when they adopted seven siblings and kept them together in one family. That is a phenomenal story when you learn about the obstacles kids face when going up for adoption.

These are conversations that people rarely like to have. Adoption is the answer to the problem when kids are entered into the system by no fault of their own. Two kids might have been enjoying their lives together with both their parents and one day that comes to an end.

The Back Of The Van After 3 Became 10

That was the case with Callie and Jude in the ABC hit show The Fosters, a show that sheds some light on the facts of adoption as well as tackling other social issues. Callie and her younger brother were put in the system and went through foster homes until finding the Fosters who wanted to adopt.

But even then, the problems kept coming back from the past. On the day Callie and Jude were supposed to be adopted, they went forward with Jude. But there was an issue with Callie’s birth certificate. In fact, all the ups and downs that she goes through puts a huge light on the broken ins and outs of the entire system at large and the broken adoption agency as a smaller part of it.

On The Big Day

One of those issues is how hard it is for kids with brothers and sisters in the same system to get adopted together. Families looking to adopt one child often overlook kids who come in pairs. In Life Unexpected, we find out that parents will even overlook kids with medical conditions as was the case with Lux, why she wasn’t put in a good home as the caseworker promised her mother.

Taking all that into consideration, these may be shows, but they do open viewers’ eyes to what goes on in a world only very few people know about. But Maria, Elizabet, Guillermo, Jason, Kristina, Katerin and James know all too well what that life is about. In come the Clarks who changed everything for the seven siblings who had been living in foster care for years.

When The Clarks Got The Phone Call

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