When the Gutierrez family’s four-month-old son, Jonas, was diagnosed with plagiocephaly or “flat head syndrome,” it was a difficult time for all of them. In order to fix the problem, Jonas was given a helmet that he was required to wear almost 24/7. His older sister, Camila, didn’t want her little brother to feel left out or different, so she grabbed her bike helmet and proudly wore it in support of Jonas.

Their dad, Gary Gutierrez, walked in on the scene and saw the pair sitting there in their matching helmets and also decided to join in on the fun. He then went about preparing breakfast while Mom captured the whole thing.

After sharing the photos on Facebook, the responses were overwhelmingly positive. Gary said of Camila, “She’s all about inclusion. She wants her brother to be happy. She doesn’t want him to feel different.”

Mom, Shayna, went on to say that Jonas will only have to wear the helmet for three to six months and has been handling it like a champ so far. They’re looking forward to decorating it and continuing to make the experience as fun as possible for the whole family.

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