You’ve likely seen your fair share of Disney wedding photos over the years from overzealous couples who absolutely love all things Disney. But you’ve probably never seen one that required so much preparation, determination, and, quite frankly, money!  

Sarah and Gilbert met while attending UC Berkeley, bumping into each other spontaneously on campus and then becoming next door neighbors following graduation. After a four-year-long friendship, the two both described the moment they began to “see the light” and, appropriately, got engaged in true Tangled fashion!

From there, it seemed only natural that they would have only the most magical Disney wedding. They weren’t satisfied with the standard Disney wedding package, though. They were determined to go all-out for this momentous day.

“We were inspired to have a Fairy-Tale Wedding at Disneyland because we wanted to share the magic and wonder we feel when we’re at the parks with our closest friends and family,” Gilbert explained. “Sarah’s always been my princess, and I wanted us to have a wedding that truly makes her feel like one.”

Sarah’s original plan was to hold the reception inside California Adventure’s Animation Building, but price increases forced her to reconsider. Disney’s Fairy-Tale Weddings was right there, though, ready to come up with Sarah’s perfect wedding day.

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