A product has just come out that has the diva in everyone crying a little. Prête is a company that partners with salons across the country to provide ultra luxe blowout services. They recently debuted a line of Swarovski-embellished hair dryers, and extravagant doesn’t even begin to describe them. Heralded as the most luxurious blow-dryer in the world and covered in five thousand Swarovski crystals, one of these dryers will only cost you $10,000. However, you’re not just receiving a hair dryer for that price…

Every purchase will also include a year of unlimited blowouts to let you feel fresh, pampered, and ready to take on the world any day of the week. The best part, though, is that the Humane Society receives 100 percent of the proceeds to help aid in the fight against animal cruelty making this purchase justifiable in every way. All of that being said, you might want to consider adding this item to your Christmas wish list…just in case Santa is feeling generous this year.

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