By now, everyone knows the mantra. No matter how you start it off, the ending is almost always some variation on the following phrase…”and baby makes three.” Yes, for young couples just starting out in this world, the idea of bringing another life into it is part of the process of adulting. It’s in the Big Book of Getting Older, right after the section on selecting a spouse and tying the knot. Along with a house surrounded by that wanted white picket fence and a good career, kids are the norm.

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage

They look real good together.

Of course, not everyone follows the rules, and when Jeff Althoff decided to ask his bride-to-be Jenna for her hand in marriage, he knew exactly what to do for her. In his fiance’s life, there had always been something missing, something she had wanted ever since she was a child, and on this, the happiest day of their lives, Jeff wanted to make sure nothing would top it. So he plotted his surprise, and as the reception began, he put his plan into action.

Then Comes Mamma With…WHAT?

Bet she didn’t see that coming

So What Did He Do? Continue On To Find Out