Tess Holiday is a model, social media star, and most recently, author. Her new book “The Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl” places a strong emphasis on loving yourself and your body, no matter what. Despite only wanting to spread positivity into the world, she recently was met with extremely negative responses after sharing several workout videos with her 1.5 million Instagram followers.

Complete strangers felt they had a right to criticize the fact that she chose strength training over cardio, automatically assuming that a person of her size would only be working out to lose weight. Other internet trolls simply derived pleasure from accusing her form of being wrong. Holiday had a few choice words for them in response…

She shared a screenshot of the hateful comments along with her own caption:

“People assume I don’t work out because I don’t feel the need to post it all over the gram, & the reason why? Because it’s no ones business what I do with my body. ‍♀️ It’s not my place to tell others to work out either.”

She then went on to reveal her inspiration for working out in the first place: “My mother is partially paralyzed & would love to move her body in the ways I did in my previous post, but unfortunately that’s not a reality for her & so many other people. When you start to truly love yourself, you take care of your body the way YOU see fit. Live & let live y’all.”

Holiday ended with a final shoutout to all her haters, “Lastly, when I post about working out, then all of a sudden y’all got jokes, everyone is a doctor & trainer. Y’all just can’t handle seeing someone in a plus size body that isn’t deemed desirable by societies standards THRIVING & it kills y’all. Worry about your own life”

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