This little girl was born to be original. With a name like City, she’s off to a good start. But she begged her mom for pink hair and she got it.

Charity Grace has a YouTube channel called Charity LeBlanc. It’s for makeup, hair, fitness, and motherhood. So it’s just fitting that Charity would put a tutorial together of her dying her daughter’s hair pink.

Normal hair colors are blond, brunette, black, and red. But why does hair have to be a normal color? There’s nothing wrong with going pink. If City wants pink hair, what do you do?

You Have To Get The Right Stuff


There is a great company called Manic Panic that has alternative hair colors that are safe for hair. In fact, Manic Panic is famous because of its proprietors Tish and Snooky who used to be in the band Blondie. They led a rock and roll life at night while providing products during the day for their punk clientele.

Their products include wild hair colors like turquoise, orange, and violet. Charity checked out the company.

“I did a lot of online research and couldn’t find anything negative with Manic Panic,” she said. “In fact, I found several reviews by moms who were raving about it, so I decided it was safe.”

Mom, Make It Fun


Watching Charity do City’s hair makes it look so easy. All you need is a child who can sit still and some patience to apply the dye. It does wash out, so don’t worry about it not being safe. City’s blond hair made it easy to dye it into the pink color she chose.

You’d have to follow the instructions for other hair colors that make it more difficult to dye. Your child should be able to have the color he or she wants. It’s people like City who make it look so cool to stand out and be original.

Watch Charity’s Hair Tutorial

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