When something has been around for over 100 years, it really isn’t making a “comeback” per se, but with all of the new ointments, creams, and pills on the market over the last few decades, it seems that people are re-discovering a tried and true liniment, Tiger Balm.

If you aren’t familiar with the product, Tiger Balm began when Aw Chu Kin, an herbalist working in the Chinese Emperor’s court, set up a small shop in Rangoon in the last 1870’s where he would make and sell an ointment he invented that was effective in the relief of pain.

When Aw Chu Kin died in 1908, he left his business to his two sons who took the small medicine business to Singapore and began selling their ointment to nearby countries like Malaya, Hong Kong, Batavia, Siam and throughout China. It was one of the sons who came up with the name “Tiger Balm.”

It’s been a go-to product for aches and pains ever since. However, it is so versatile, people have come up with other uses for the product.

Here’s just a few:

Achy Joints / Muscle Pain

The original use for Tiger Balm. If you come home from a long day at work or even from the gym with soreness in your muscles or joints, rub Tiger Balm on the affected area for some much-needed and natural relief.

Body Odor

If you have body odor or constantly smell of sweat and deodorant doesn’t seem to help, rub a little Tiger Balm under your arms. The smell of menthol will neutralize any other odors, which means you can also put an opened jar in the back of your closet to remove any musty smells from your garments.

Bug / Pest All-In-One

There are two uses for Tiger Balm that help when it comes to pests. If you get bitten by a mosquito, put a tiny bit of Tiger Balm directly on the bite and the desire to scratch will go away. Secondly, if you have a small infestation of pests in your wooden furniture, apply a little Tiger Balm to the wood and watch them run away. It’s completely safe for all types of wood.

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