They met on Tinder where people go to meet and find their true love. They both were looking for someone. That’s why they were on there in the first place. So, why in the world does this story exist?

It’s hilarious that these two who would make a good-looking couple simply kept a joke going for three years and never once thought to take a chance on each other. But the joke is good. I’ll give you that. You’re going to love the sense of humor these two share, which is another reason I’m shaking my head.

Two Tinder Users Meet In The Night

It begins when Michelle Arendas who is 21 now and Josh Avsec who is 22 were matched on Tinder. Josh had been on Tinder writing messages to different girls. But he had never met anyone like Michelle. He took one look at her profile and he felt she was different.

He normally would write a funny line to someone he matched. But he went simple with Michelle. He sent her a message in September of 2014 that read, “Hey Michelle.” That was it.

You Know That’s Good Stuff!

She got right back to him. He was excited to see her message when it arrived two months later. “Hey sorry my phone died!” That could feel like a punch in the gut if you take it the wrong way. Normally when someone’s phone dies, it takes a few hours to charge. Not two months.

Josh decided to take it the right way. He pretty much figured she really wasn’t that interested. Why not have fun with it? And that begins the back and forth joking that would go on for a few years.

Their Tinder Profiles Say It All

One slight wrinkle in this story — they both attend Kent State University in Ohio. They are both seniors now. So, they were freshmen when they matched and yet they have never set up to meet.

It’s not like they live in different states or even different counties. They live in the same city. They go to the same school. It boggles my mind that they never thought to get together for a drink or something. You’d think they would have at least bumped into each other.

He Should Have Already Been Dating Her

It boggles the minds of other people too. After Josh posted these messages online, the story went viral. One tweeter by the name of laur @laurenmariee143 tweeted, “This is hilarious. Please get married.” Another tweeting romantic known as Shobel @mshobel tweeted, “Marry this girl.” Even Christina @christinatxst tweeted, “Um marry her.”

It’s the consensus that the two should meet and Tinder jumped on that. They actually offered to fly both of them to any city so they could have a date. When they decided on Maui, the plans were finalized. Then, Tinder got in on the joke too!

Tinder Has A Sense Of Humor

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