Candles can be magical. Candles can be romantic. But candles can be pretty damn expensive. Sure, you can buy a few from Walmart for $5 a pop, but there’s nothing quite as enchanting as the large jar Yankee Candles that can last through the apocalypse and have scents like Apple Pumpkin, Christmas Cookie, Midsummer Night, and Cranberry Chutney. For most people, they are totally worth the $27.99 price tag. Here are some tips to get the most out of your candles when you burn them, so that they last longer and your house stays inviting with aromas of balsam and cedar.

Keep Away From The AC Vents

This one is pretty obvious, but keep your candles out of the path of the AC vent or a fan. You don’t want blowing air to cause the candle to go out, and that air can also cause a rapid and quick movement of the flame, giving you a dizzying headache from the sporadic shadows on the wall.

Make Sure The Wax Melts All The Way Across, Every Time

Do not blow out your candle until it has melted the entire first layer of wax. This can actually take a long time, so make sure when you light, you’re willing to hang around and enjoy the candle for a while. Blowing it out before it’s at this point will cause tunneling (that little dip that causes the wick to fall deeper and deeper into the center of the candle). You’re doing your candle a disservice, and wasting half of the wax. All of the wax around the tunnel is now wasted. Burn your candle completely to the edges and make sure the first layer is entirely melted liquid before blowing it out. Avoid buying extra wide candles (more than three or four inches in diameter) with only one wick. They will take way too long.

Use Candles With Multiple Wicks

Can’t wait all day for your candle to burn all the way down to the first layer? Use candles with multiple wicks. They will burn faster and give off more light.

Trim The Wick, Every Time

Most candle shop employees at the register inform you to trim your wick before you light it for the very first time. This is something you should be doing every time. You can use small beauty scissors or a nail clipper to get inside that narrow opening, but it’s crucial you trim the wick every time you light. The trimmed wick will give you a cleaner and brighter burn and will prevent those unfriendly dark smoke stains on the edges of the glass jar.

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