This past Mother’s Day weekend, one mother received the best present we could imagine. Her two genius sons graduated high school, with one graduating college, too. Carson Huey-You, who is 14 years old, graduated Texas Christian University with a degree in physics and minors in math and Chinese. He plans to get his PhD. Cannan, who is 11 years old, will attend Texas Christian University in the fall for engineering and astrophysics. He wants to be an astronaut.

Carson’s mother, Claretta Kimp, first realized her oldest son was different after a visit to the eye doctor, when the doctor mentioned he could focus and stay very still, unlike most babies. At age 2, he started reading chapter books and by age 3 he could add, subtract, multiply, and divide. By the time the two boys reached kindergarten, Carson was performing at an eighth-grade level. On the weekend of May 12th, he made the university’s history by being the youngest graduate they have ever seen.

They also have playful, polite personalities. Huge fans of Star Wars, the boys are very interested in science fiction movies and books. They also express themselves like adults and are well mannered. Their mother taught them to demonstrate chivalry, by opening doors for women and letting them go ahead first, always.

When the two boys were toddlers, not even walking yet, Kimp transformed the spare bedroom of their house into a classroom. She homeschooled them from 9 a.m. to noon every day, but Carson would get through the material she had planned in only an hour. When he was 3 years old, he told his mother he wanted to learn calculus! “I always wanted to do something science-y,” Carson said. “That’s why I like quantum physics most. I want to do research and learn about different things.”

The staff and colleagues at TCU support the family and encourage the boy’s success throughout this incredible, unusual journey. Kimp never wanted to make the boys feel competitive with one another, so she never pushed Cannan to follow in Carson’s footsteps. She never pressured him to accomplish the same goals or excel in the same time frame. Therefore, Cannan originally started kindergarten with children his own age. He found himself bored by the time he reached the second grade, and asked Kimp if he could be home schooled like his brother. Maybe Carson inspired him to have the same desire for education and intellect.

On days Kimp would teach Cannan, Carson would come in after the lesson to help his brother with his math homework. He would work through the equations and give his brother the confidence booster he needed to get it done. Their mother says they are very blessed to have each other. They are certainly blessed with brains, too. 

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