If you’re a lover of the VS Fashion Show and follow the process near religiously, then you were probably aware that model Ming Xi took a nasty fall going down the runway; however, you probably thought there would be enough decency to edit it out. There wasn’t.

Twitter users and VS Fashion Show fans alike lost their minds when the edited-for-television show kept the fall in rather than edit it out. In the 2014 VS show, Elsa Hosk’s wing knocked Ariana Grande’s head and was edited out, but Ming didn’t receive that same mercy.

Twitter users flooded the site as the camera never left Ming Xi. Rather than edit in one of the rehearsal scenes, videographers kept in the fall. There was a beautiful moment as model Gisele Oliveira gracefully glided to her side to help her up and allowed her to finish her walk. Unfortunately, the moment was quickly ruined.

Ming finished her walk all smiles with her head held high and while videographers could have continued to shoot the show, they instead cut to footage capturing Ming’s eyes swelling with tears as she made her first steps backstage.

Tweets of sympathy and support for Ming Xi along with tweets of anger at editors came in from all over the world. At the end of the day, there isn’t a doubt of Ming’s grace and professionalism after seeing how well she handled her very human stumble. You go, girl!

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