The most important job in the world is being a mom.

If you are already a mother, you know this; if you are planning on being a mommy soon, you will find this out the moment you lay eyes on your precious baby.

It is also the most challenging – yet rewarding – jobs there is.

Stay at home moms know all of these feelings simultaneously. At times, it seems nothing and everything is getting done at the same time and it can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, there are some helpful tips to keep you happy and productive and not so overwhelmed!

Stick To A Schedule

If you have little ones, meaning children not yet in school, keeping them on a good routine or schedule is important. Changes in these routines can be difficult for kids, so try to stay consistent. Schedule waking up, breakfast, playing time, snack time, lunchtime, naps, clean up time, dinner, and bedtime at the same time every day. Getting your toddler to sleep can be the hardest, so keeping the bath time, reading/wind down, bedtime routine can be the key to not having to fight with your son or daughter every night.

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

Moms are tired a lot. It’s understandable because your job isn’t 9-5 Monday through Friday; it’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week! When it’s time for you to wind down, grab a book instead of your laptop or tablet and turn the TV off. You’ll get to bed earlier and have a more restful night’s sleep so you can wake up before the kiddos. Have a cup of coffee and get your mind prepared for the day. Take your shower, get dressed, do your hair, makeup, brush your teeth – whatever you need to do to get ready – ahead of your child/children opening their eyes. Mornings won’t be as chaotic and you won’t have to decide later on between showering and folding laundry, so you’ll naturally feel more productive.

Write It Down

If you’re not the type of woman who makes lists, you need to start! It helps to have a to-do list so you can keep track of what need to get done in what priority. When you have small children running around, it’s easy to forget simple things like putting money in an older child’s school lunch account or signing a permission slip, so write everything down. This accomplishes so much; first, you will stay more organized, have a goal of what needs to be done, and feel a sense of satisfaction as you cross the tasks off the list.

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