Little Hats, Big Hearts was founded in February 2014 in Chicago, IL and has since expanded to more than 40 states. In an effort to spread awareness of heart disease and congenital heart defects, the program will give out thousands of hats to all babies born at participating hospitals during the month of February.

Volunteers are asked to knit or crochet hats to donate to the cause. With very few specifications, volunteers are allowed to make hats in whatever patterns they’d like, just as long as every hat is made with red yarn and is small enough to fit the newborns or preemies.

If you’re interested in making hats for Little Hats, Big Hearts, you can visit the American Heart Association’s website for more information and some suggested sample patterns. If knitting isn’t exactly your thing, they’re also accepting red yarn donations in addition to any financial donations people feel led to give.

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