Adam Levine

You always knew Adam Levine was on the thinner side but did you know he is missing half his body?

Kourtney Kardashian

No one is even completely sure if you can blame this one solely on the editors. It is a Kardashian and they love to look perfect, but every single thing in this photo of Kourtney has been Photoshopped – including the baby!

Faith Hill

Ok, they really took this issue seriously. There is absolutely nothing wrong with how Faith Hill looks in the original photo but they must have really wanted the “Skinny Pills” story to hit home.

Filippa Hamilton

Ralph Lauren actually came under fire for digitally altering model Filippa Hamilton into a stick figure. The company apologized, but Hamilton fired back, admitting that the fashion house fired her for being “fat.”

Mariah Carey

This is a Photoshop job so epic, it should be placed in a digital art museum. Days after the release of her album, Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse (on the left), Mimi stepped out in public (on the right) looking…not even close to the same person. Considering she’s Mariah Carey – one of the most infamous divas in the music industry – it’s hard to believe she didn’t have a hand in her album cover.

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