We know the sacrifices made by our service men and women. They give up their life of safety and security to make ours even more so. They often find themselves in hostile environs which threaten their lives while leaving behind those who have come to rely on them for their courage, strength, and dedication. But what about those who are keeping the home fires burning, so to speak? Their situation can be just as precarious, just in much more mundane, pragmatic terms.

They Sacrifice So Much For Us

Even in ways we never get to see.

Take Cari Curtis. Her husband Drew is one of many who serve the US as a member of a Special Forces unit “so secret” that they are “off the grid.” Put into layman’s terms, it means that her man is often out of communication for months on end, leaving the rest of the Curtis clan to wonder where he is and to, more or less, defend for themselves. During the Christmas of 2014, Cari was in the audience of the Ellen DeGeneres Show when the host asked to speak to those whose family members serve. Coming out of the audience, our frazzled wife and mother couldn’t have expected what would happen next.

So When It Comes To Giving Back To Them, Ellen Gets It Right

She always knows what to do.

So What Did The TV Host Do? Continue On To Find Out