There are plenty of innovative designs out there for creating quick and convenient swimming pools, but this new design is being called the “redneck swimming pool.” Titled “Pick Up Pools,” this design allows the bed of your truck to be turned from a storage area to a swimming area.

The design itself is simple enough: one elastic vinyl tarp is stretched over the bed and voila! It’s ideal for any barbecues, tailgate parties, camping trips, or just some old fashioned R&R. Once you’re finished, a valve drains all the water.

The liners come in two sizes: 5.5 feet for a short box pool ($249) and 6.5 feet for a standard box pool ($269). To figure out which size is adequate, measure the inside of your truck bed from the bulkhead to the tailgate.  

While theoretically it is a “mobile” pool, it isn’t recommended that you operate the truck while it’s filled with water. Also, be sure to check your truck’s weight compatibility to ensure that it can hold that amount of water and people all at once.

The company that manufactures these, Pick-Up Pools, was started in 2015 in Arkansas, and since then they’ve been producing 100% made in America products. While they sold out very quickly at first, more are being produced and you should be able to get them through the company’s website and Amazon Prime this summer!

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