To say Melissa Dohme is a survivor almost seems like an understatement. On Jan. 24, 2012, the 20-year-old Clearwater, Florida, woman miraculously survived a brutal attack – and lived to tell the tale.

Beaten and stabbed 32 times, Melissa was left for dead after a final meeting with a violent ex-boyfriend who claimed he needed just “one more hug” for closure.

Cameron Hill was one of the first EMT responders on the scene of Melissa’s attack. Despite the horrific details surrounding her injuries, Cameron believed she would not die.

Melissa told CBS News:

It’s a miracle I am still alive today — even the doctors say so. I know God saved me, He couldn’t stop what happened but He did perfectly line up each individual after the attack who had a hand in saving my life.

Melissa got stronger each day and was making positive progress. Fate intervened again, and she and Cameron would reconnect at the church where she was giving a speech on surviving the attack.

They got to know each other and began dating. Hill supported her during the difficult moments in the trial, where she had to confront her attacker.

Nearly four years after Melissa’s attack, Cameron planned the biggest surprise for Melissa ever! When she was asked to throw out the first pitch of the Tampa Bay Rays baseball game, she assumed it was because of her incredible story of survival.

But in all actuality, Cameron was going to propose to her at the game, in front of a cheering crowd of thousands!

What a beautiful couple they are!

Here’s Melissa Before The Violent Attack


She looked so happy before…

And Here’s Melissa Shortly After:

What kind of animal would do something like this?

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