Everyone’s done it: Head to Target to grab a few things, often equipped with a list, and still manage to come out with more than originally anticipated. For one Atlanta woman, the trip to the store made for one exciting story.

Tanya St. Preux was just an expectant mother browsing through the aisles for some needed items when she began experiencing contractions. Luckily for Tanya, Lisa Bozeman was shopping with her daughters, one of which was Caris Lockwood — a labor and delivery nurse at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital.

When Lisa saw Tanya in obvious distress, she called to Caris for assistance. “I thought she was just wanting me to say hi because I’m a nurse, and I’m thinking, ‘Mom, just let this woman shop in peace,’” said Caris.

When it became apparent that Tanya was ready to deliver, a friend of Tanya ran to pull up the car while Lisa and Caris helped Tanya toward the parking lot. “I said, ‘I want this baby out now!’ and whoosh, the water broke,” Tanya explained.

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