With Wonder Woman getting good reviews in the theaters, it has become a fan favorite. Fans have only been waiting long enough for Wonder Woman to be brought to life with all the other DC characters. Now that she has, the internet is getting bombarded by behind-the-scenes photos that will compel you to see the movie if you haven’t already.

As a Wonder Woman fan, you might have been on the same journey most other fans took. When you found out that Wonder Woman was an Amazon, you might have wanted to travel to Brazil one day to visit this place called Themyscira. After all, it’s a place where only women live.

Gal Gadot Dressed Down As She Gets Off The Island

If the other Amazons are anything like Diana Prince, you wouldn’t want to leave. But then you learned more about the place and realized that the Amazons have nothing to do with the Amazon and the place called Themyscira was fictional. That was a sad moment because you really had your heart set on going there and hanging out for a few decades.

So, they brought Wonder Woman to the big screen and that meant that they were going to have to bring the Amazons to life too. To do that, these were going to have to be the most amazing women on earth. If Diana Prince can block bullets with her bracelets and kick the crap out of some of the toughest guys in the world, the Amazons were going to have to be just as amazing.

The Amazons Behind Their Princess

The show didn’t have a problem finding women to meet their expectations. There are even plenty of reports that women all over the world are crying when they watch Wonder Woman fight in battle. The scenes were done so well, it’s empowering to see a woman who can fight with total confidence because she’s in her element. Fighting isn’t something she merely knows how to do. It’s what she’s been taught to do all her life.

By the way, Gal Gadot was pregnant at the time of shooting. She was five months in her last shots. She was able to hide a baby and still look great! That’s how awesome Amazons are. Just take a look at these photos that are going viral like crazy.

Behind-The-Scenes Photos In 3, 2…

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