If you are a parent, you will definitely relate to this. If you aren’t yet, keep this bookmarked as a guide of what to really expect when your time comes.

After the initial shock and elation of finding out you or your wife was expecting, there was another emotion that soon followed: fear.

Not that it was a bad fear, it was just fear.

Fear of not being a good enough parent. Fear of not being financially stable enough for a baby. Fear of what to do and what to buy to prepare for the little one’s arrival. Fear of the pregnancy. Fear of the labor and delivery.

Fear of the unknown.

You read books, magazines, online articles – anything that would prepare you for parenthood. Except you found out once your baby was born that there isn’t a how-to manual; most of the time as parents we’re flying by the seat of our pants.

But so are our kids.

Take a look at the funniest moments captured by parents of their babies…

Get Ready Parents…

This is a common occurrence, believe it or not. All older siblings torture the younger ones. They’tr probably trying to get back at them for stealing their thunder.

Uh Oh…

For some reason, this primarily happens to dads. Sure, in most cases, moms take the brunt of the baby duty and by the law of averages, they will get urinated on. But it seems these scenes happen to dads a lot.

Give A Dad A Baby…

…And some alone time and this is what happens. Dads just can’t resist knowing mom is out for a few hours while being left to their own devices.

Everything New Is Mind-Blowing

For babies and toddlers there are so many new and exciting things about this world around every corner, or in this case, at the end of the driveway.

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